Is this your first time to go to a soccer game or practice? Do you want to know the positions and stuff? You came to the right place!
Goal keeper-The goal keeper is in the goal and tries to protect the goal. The goal keeper is the only one who can use their hands except when you do a throw-in then you use your hands.
Right and Left Defender- The right and left defender try to protect the ball from going into the goal like the goal keeper but they cannot use their hands.
Middle Deffender- The middle defender is just like the right and left deffender but if the right side is being 
attacked then the middle defender goes a little to the right and the left deffender who does not have the ball on
its side is called the weak side and the weak side would push  into the middle.
Center Mid-  The center mid goes wherever the ball is. That is all over the field
Outside mid right and left- They are just like the center mid but stay on the out side ( the side).
Forward- The forward  stays on the other side of the line but in outdoor you will be offsides offsides is where you are at the other side of the  line and their are no other defenders where you are.